Custom Knee Replacement

Custom Knee Replacement

Dr Jonathan Cabot uses the iTotal custom knee implant system from Conformis. This unique knee replacement system is designed to match the individual size and shape of each patient’s knee.

The Conformis iTotal knee replacement system is currently the only truly personalised knee prosthetic on the market. Fully customised to the patient, it is uniquely suited to your individual anatomy and may produce more favourable long-term results.

Why choose a custom knee impant? 

Dr Jonathan Cabot - Orthopaedic Surgeon
Knee surgery using latest tech and innovation.

Off-the-shelf implants come in pre-set sizes. The surgeon selects the closest possible fit at the time of surgery, which is often not exact. Compromises on fit, rotation, and alignment are made, sometimes leading to lasting pain and discomfort.

The iTotal custom knee implant system changes this by creating an implant modelled specifically after your own knee bones, corrected for deformity. The contour is shaped for a more natural feel, while the thinner implant allows for less bone and healthy tissue removal

Preserving the Joint Line for Better Movement

Each knee has two joint lines: one on the media side, and the other on the lateral side. These joint lines can be at different heights.

While traditional knee prosthetics use a single-piece insert, the iTotal custom knee replacement uses two individual polyethylene inserts. This allows both joint lines to have different heights as required, preserving the natural shape and avoiding instability.

How a Custom Knee Implant is Made

  • A CT scan through hip, knee, and ankle is performed to digitally recreate the leg’s mechanical axis. If the leg is misaligned, the implant can be designed to correct it.
  • The software converts the CT scan into a 3D model of the knee joint. The knee’s natural curves are digitally recreated, correcting for deformity.
  • The iFit software generates new femoral and tibial implants specific to the knee, paying special attention to the J-curves, condylar offset, and intercondylar notch. This gives the knee a tailored shape best suited to you.
  • Patient-specific tools are also generated using iJig software, allowing better placement during the surgery. These are 3D printed using specialised machinery.
  • The implant and tools pre-sterilised and boxed, then shipped to the operating hospital ready for your surgery.

See how a custom implant is made in the video below.

Benefits of an iTotal Custom Knee Implant

  • Sterile, single-use equipment reduces risks of infection.
  • No compromise on sizing, reducing associated pain.
  • Preserved joint lines provide a more natural feel.
  • Improved knee stability due to maintaining natural joint lines.
  • Thinner implant, allowing for less bone and healthy tissue removal.
  • Improved pain relief and range of motion after healing.

How Successful is Custom Knee Replacement? 

Having been practiced for over 10 years, the technique and procedure surrounding custom knee replacement has been widely practiced with overwhelmingly positive results.


Following custom knee replacement, patients report comfortable return to physical activities such as dancing, swimming, climbing trees, and kickboxing, even after bilateral knee replacement (having both knees replaced). Several patient testimonials are available to read on Conformis’ website.

Many orthopaedic surgeons around the world report fast recovery rates and greater satisfaction in custom knee replacement patients.

Getting a Custom Knee Replacement

While costlier than a traditional knee replacement, custom knee replacements can offer many advantages and may greatly improve your quality of life significantly.

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